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A Disciple's Decree of Devotion

You remind me of the soft cotton pillow lying on my childhood bed with a permanent imprint of just my head.

You remind me of sunkissed, floating dust particles that dance into specks of fairies indulging in their own little carnival.

You remind me of how gently nature interacts with one another; be it the ocean crashing into kisses at the shore, or the flirty flutter of leaves in the wind, or how subtly spring bleeds into summer.

You remind me of what it is like to be wrapped in velvet; to feel that warm and held, yet so regal and opulent.

You remind me of the yellowing, creased pages of my favourite novel that still seduces me with such skill, I spend days wrapped in a bubble at my own will.

You remind me of the ease with which cold water slides down a scratchy throat on a hot day, cleansing my insides so thoroughly, the rubble is washed away.

You remind me of an old song playing on the radio after so long, I shriek at the coincidence and belt out the lyrics with such confidence, you’d think I had been invited to perform.

You remind me of lazy Sunday afternoons spent lying on the sofa after consuming so much food, I drift into a snooze only to awaken in a blanketed cocoon.

You remind me how easy it is to be kind with nothing more than the slow bat of an eye and a soft lingering smile that, even after the moment has passed, decides to stick around for a while.

You remind me of how many sharp pieces and glass edges are carefully selected and put together with much contemplation and peril, in order to create a magnificent mural that transcends their individuality but would be incomplete without; one that has taken great pains, but is so beautifully mesmerizing without a doubt. Stumbling upon a mural as divine reminds me to be grateful for all the times I slipped and fell and cried; for it all somehow led me to stand opposite this mural and be blessed enough to call it mine.

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