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A hundred firsts later --

I didn’t know I had never been kissed until the night you finally worked up the courage slipped your fingers into my hair and pulled me in – into your embrace, into you.

until that night it had all been very polite – I kissed like I was meant to and they used me for that’s all they know – but you lingered you paused you sipped all that overflows out of me –

some had been rough with blistered hands and careless words and a harsh tongue that entered my mouth to wage war, not love – your tongue has been the first to roll with ease to finally say my name right

they didn’t like to wait my walls were a challenge, a game they could cheat by sending in Trojan horses only to reveal how selfish their reasons were – how closed doors and closed legs were treasure chests for them to force open without a key

I waited for your army for your impatient knocking for my walls to stack even higher but you sat right outside down on your knees grateful to be allowed this close and for the first time in years the doors flung open as fanfare erupted and I finally stepped outside, arms stretched out ready to pull you in but you stepped right back because for the first time it was not about them, it was not about you, it was about merely showing me that I could love too.

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