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Celestial Companions

I was young back when

I befriended the moon

on late night drives

back into the city

as I lay in the backseat

watching the moon slide

across the dark night

chasing my car down the road

the whole way home.

he is kind and unproud,

glowing in borrowed light

rising over towns and cities

every night,

never knowing their name

never placing the blame

on either side

for burning and rebirthing

the earth like it’s their right

instead he knocks on my glass

and I sit on the ledge,

undoing my seams down the middle

letting all that I soaked in, dribble

out for him to sip little by little;

out flows a river of disbelief,

pink wounds, unsolvable riddles

of confusion, a tiny ripple

of pain in an ocean of grief

he starts near my dangling feet

but moves up ever so slowly

stealing my ability to breathe

for there is nothing light and airy

on the moon

instead he is quite literally

my rock, afloat yet heavily

soaked in sadistic beauty

as he sucks in and hides away

all my troubles of the day

into his vacuum

so I can go back to bed guilt-free

but on some mornings

when he’s asleep

& the sun demands living

I hide away pretending

the night has slipped

under the covers with me –

but today the sky darkens

way before eve, when

there’s a tap on my glass again;

the world plummets

into darkness

shielding their eyes from

the disaster –

what they dub as “an eclipse”

I call showing up for a friend.

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