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Complete Bibliography

Updated: Apr 3, 2020

This bibliography contains the websites and books that help me the most when I am looking up translations. Most translations on this website do not belong to one sole source; they have been cross-referenced at least with one or two more before uploading. Therefore barely any of the translations exclusively belong to any one source alone. This list of sources is also updated according to any time I come across a new primary source.

Feel free to share any other sources you think are worth exploring.



Hamari Web

Urdu Point

Urdu Poetry

Shayari Urdu





Ghalib, Mirza Asadullah Khan, et al. Ghalib: Selected Poems and Letters. Columbia University Press, 2017.

Faiẓ Faiẓ Aḥmad, and Baran Farooqi. The Colours of My Heart: Selected Poems. Penguin Books, 2017.

Shāh Bulleh, and Taufiq Rafat. Bulleh Shah: a Selection. Oxford University Press, 2015.

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