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Hide and Seek

Cherry-picking acts of kindness is redundant when you happen to be a full blossomed tree

I’ll need a basket alone for all the picks and drops, and another one for all the cathartic talks

Perhaps an extra satchel for letting me cower behind you but then I need yet another for teaching me whenever I had to stand alone too

I could carry all your advice safe within my palms I already have your name inked on my arm

You’re now quite literally baggage that I bring into everyone’s lives; taking up all my space so there’s no room for anyone new

I could sell it and win a mini lottery I could share it with all those around me Or I could continue to fold under the weight of the truth –

That I can carry your pieces till I crumble beneath or use them to rebuild you – as if every towering stack could somehow bring you back

Or I could empty out your words and let them build a home deep within me where you and I can hide in secrecy for eternity.

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