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No Such Thing as Coincidence

time is the punchline.

in a universe as layered and expansive and split into divides, the illusion of linear time becomes an obvious punchline. as if the red carpet rolled out ahead is all we need to navigate the grand design. like a performer on a tightrope twenty feet above ground, we cling on to time as if it helps define who we are, based on how far we are on the line. as if something so simple and benign can somehow confine all that makes our universe so complicated and divine. perhaps its this illusion of simplicity that seduces us to resign in the face of time – to force something tangible into existence in order to survive. so we mindlessly go on with our lives, waiting for our dreams to suddenly emerge down the line because the problem with linearity is that nothing remains mine. my hopes are always disguised as ‘plans’ for a future nowhere actually in sight, and I end up carrying mountains of pain that I was meant to simply climb and leave behind. how foolish to expect something as mundane and man-made to be able to somehow intertwine with the divine. no wonder we rarely ever notice the cosmos align and the skies decorate themselves with signs and feel our energies collide – no wonder we dub them mere coincidences for somehow we always miss the blind spots where magic resides.

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