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“Do you believe in God?”

“God.” He smirks. “God sets a terrible example for us mere mortals – idiots fumbling around, trying to shove words where they don’t belong, trying to attach meaning to their empty, shallow existence. God has no humanity and yet we all strive to return to Him one day – He who snapped his fingers and exhaled in a few different directions and a small part of the universe suddenly exploded and we came to be. Accidently. Then like a naughty child sneakily stepping over spilt milk by the refrigerator door, God winced and stepped right over us, scurrying right past us, not even bothering to switch off the lights. He has no humanity within Him yet we equate basic humanity to striving to divinity. As if a good human makes a good saint and a good saint is a casual, unofficial spokesperson for God and God is meant to stand for divinity. Divinity or Power-Hungry? I’m not sure what to call it I guess. I know that the divine created us and the power allows Him to step aside, and then subtly sneak in, always at the right moment, to stop us from complete damnation. That’s the thing about power and control – God cannot give up power or control, even if we are His little accident. Like a lazy Dad to an unwanted albeit unugly child, God finds us amusing and endearing and pitiable enough to come swooping in right when, say, Jesus is being crucified or the Harlem 5 finally need to catch a break – and we call it a goddamn miracle. Because miracles are divine and divinity is God. Because otherwise this world would be left all alone floating into oblivion without our distracted cosmic Father, without a divine power to make sure that even as the earth crumbles beneath us and the roofs coming tumbling down and our stomachs rumble louder than the skies and our loved ones fall down like flies – even then we somehow stay standing, stay breathing, stay living through it all. That which holds us is divinity and that cannot equate to humanity.

God may have no humanity, but at least humanity has God.”

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