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Rang - Amir Khusro

Aaj rang hai hey maan rang hai ri Moray mehboob kay ghar rang hai ri Sajan milaavra, sajan milaavra, Sajan milaavra moray aangan ko Aaj rang hai…

Mohay pir paayo Nijamudin auliya Nijamudin auliya mohay pir payoo Des bades mein dhoondh phiree hoon Toraa rang man bhayo ri…

Jag ujiyaaro, jagat ujiyaaro, Main to aiso rang aur nahin dekhi ray Main ti jab dekhun moray sung hai Aaj rang hai hey maan rang hai ri


What a glow everywhere I see, Oh mother what a glow; I’ve found the beloved, yes I found him, in my courtyard;

I have found my pir Nizamuddin Auliya I roamed around the entire world, looking for an ideal beloved; And finally this face has enchanted my heart

The whole world has been opened for me Never seen a glow like this before Whenever I see now, he is with me, Oh beloved, please dye me in yourself Dye me in the colour of spring, beloved; What a glow, oh what a glow.

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