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The Woman Card

Here we go again –

names of innocent men


due to “sasti” feminists

who only speak when

the cards in their hands


too soon so they gain

by parting legs instead

and pulling out

The Woman Card

to resolve any skirmish

the Card that ensures

we never have to open

our own doors again –

not because of chivalry,

but because apparently

we lack the strength;

the Card that comes with

a free pass from education

so we don’t waste time

making something

of ourselves

but spend it trying to learn

how to serve you men instead

the Card that excuses

our legal rights

but comes with its own

set of rules –

that my body is a sin

but too holy to be seen,

that getting married

is my biggest win;

learning that wife means

a bag for punching

and a body for parading,

for no one will believe

bruised and battered women

when the man is excused

for swearing upon his religion.

the Card that arrives

immediately after we bleed

from between,

banishing us from God,

reducing us to filth,

but somehow still

adequately attractive

as you insist

on shoving your honor

up my quim.

conveniently blind

to the way we are bind,

the Card that allows

an over-glorification

of our meek situation

to fool us into believing

they want the best for us;

a Card that shrinks us down

and bites our tongue

a Card to shame us for complaining,

yet we only celebrate

the birth of sons.

all these women


their complaints,

asking for a space

at the table,

a voice in the


to be given a chance

to prove they are just as able

to not label their blood

and biological role

as their identity, but strength,

for one woman’s “No”

to be loud enough to stop men

who prey on our bodies

for lust one second,

and another, as the canvas

for their pent-up stress

because they were never

taught how to express –

toys for little boys

in the bodies of men

to play in the dark

however they please,

while the rest of the world

is complicit in their silence

as we subject our daughters

to pain, lies, degradation,

sexual and physical violence

but when she finally has enough

and sees through the farce,

we ask her to stop playing

The Woman Card.

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